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Hi. I’m Chris, founder and editor of Body Moment.


Like you, I’m fed up with the whole fitness industry. I’ve been trying for YEARS to follow the “expert” advice offered to me for weight loss, fitness, and wellness in general. But no matter what plan I followed, no matter what book I read, no matter what supplements I took, I never seemed to get anywhere.

I once joined a weight-loss challenge at work, thinking that if there was money at stake, I’d be sure to lose weight. At the end of the challenge, I’d actually gained weight – and owed the other people in the challenge a lot of my hard-earned money.

Not exactly one of the proudest moments of my life.

I was fed up, frustrated, and miserable, and decided to start a small blog to keep myself accountable for what I was eating. I’d post my daily meals on there, with approximate calorie counts, and then I’d post a link on Facebook to show people what I was up to.

Then something AMAZING happened.

People started sharing their stories with me. They told me about the times they looked in the mirror and felt sad and disgusted. They sent me lists of the fitness programs they had tried and failed at. They told me about the fitness DVDs that were sitting on the shelf, collecting dust. They shared their achievements, like losing over 50 lbs, and their failures, like bombing out at a party and eating so much that they got sick.

I thought about those comments – a lot.

In light of the stories that people had shared with me, I started taking a look at my own fitness journey. I thought about all of the different things that I tried. Some of them I loved, some of them I hated, and some of them actually worked. And as I looked deeper and deeper into where I’d succeeded, and where I’d failed, I started seeing things. I started finding that there were distinct patterns and common ground in the things that I loved doing – and the things that brought me results.

I realized that I knew everything I needed to know about fitness, health, and wellness —

I just needed to put it all together.

The great thing is that YOU also know everything you need in order to get your life turned around. You’re a pretty smart cookie – you found this website, didn’t you? You are an intelligent person. You’ve read lots of diet books; you’ve tried lots of exercise programs, you’ve gotten a lot of well-meaning advice from your friends. Whether you know it or not, you’ve been studying all these years, getting ready for the ultimate test – achieving a state of wellness that makes you happy. Whether it’s losing weight, finishing your first 5K, or just learning to love your body, you’ve read enough books, watched enough DVDs, and browsed enough websites to fill a dump truck.

It’s time to put all that information to good use – and I’m here to help you do just that.

I don’t have any fancy system to sell you. I don’t have a miracle pill, nor do I have the ultimate home gym that will give you ripped abs in six weeks. I won’t give you empty promises. Because I know you’re smarter than that. If you’re still reading this, you are definitely the kind of person who has the potential to be a Wellness Rebel. Someone who can forge their own path to wellness; someone who doesn’t need hand-holding and isn’t afraid to stir things up a bit and live life the way they want despite what everyone else thinks.

So instead of empty promises, here’s what I am offering to you:

  • Access to all of my digital publications on this site for free, which you are encouraged to share with your friends;
  • A collection of hand-selected resources that help you focus on the critical parts of healthy living;
  • Top-notch wellness resources and insights sent straight to your inbox;
  • In-depth reviews of some of the best programs, tools, apps, and books out there, letting you know which ones are worth your time and which ones to avoid;
  • Early notification of contests, giveaways, and special promotions when they happen on the site;
  • Plus a whole lot more!

And oh yeah – absolutely zero spam. I hate spammy sites with a passion. They should die a fiery death.

Fill out the form below to get immediate access to all this and more. I can’t wait for you to be a part of this community.


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