Strong is the New Skinny Review

Strong Is The New Skinny

Hey peeps!

Are you be interested in a book that just might change the way you look at fitness forever?

I get tons of books from publishers who want me to pass them on to my readers. The problem is that most of them are terrible. Recently, an early copy of the new book from kick-ass trainer Jennifer Cohen, “Strong is the New Skinny” crossed my desk. I really expected yet another bland fitness book full of exercises, diet tips, and the top 476 superfoods to add to your diet.

I was completely wrong!

Have you ever found yourself WANTING to workout, KNOWING you should get off the couch, CONVINCED that you’re eating crap – but feel unable to do anything about it? We all do. It’s inevitable – you get all psyched up to make a change in your life but just don’t feel like you’re strong enough or good enough to really effect any change in your life.

Jennifer has a powerful message for all of us in this book; in fact, she spends the entire first half of the book exploring the mind-body connection and how to maximize your results by getting your head in the game, understanding what’s been holding you back, and how to make big changes in your life with relatively small modifications to your current routine.


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Beyond the psychology of it all, Jennifer also gives you a ton of sample menus, which are great for busy people like you and me who know that it’s not difficult to eat well, but difficult to focus on the execution of a meal when you’re crazy busy. Her diet plan is straightforward and down to earth, and she has a detailed, scientific calorie formula that takes your weight, height, age AND physical activity into account. Can I get a “hallelujah”? 🙂

The absolute best part of Jennifer’s book is that the workouts require very, very little equipment – and you can do them at home. You’ll find that a lot of the moves are familiar and easy to do – and you can always modify them slightly to suit your free time, your fitness level, or the amount of burn you want to achieve.

Click here to purchase “Strong is the New Skinny: How to Eat, Live and Move to Maximize Your Power” from Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “Strong is the New Skinny Review”

  1. I did order this book through your link. I read the reviews and thought it was a good fit for me. I have experience in diet and exercise, but I need to be able to modify the exercises to fit my age and ability.

    1. Melissa – thanks for the comment. I’m really impressed at the common-sense approaches in this book that deal with the PSYCHOLOGY of fitness – a lot of programs just don’t manage that part well at all. Happy reading!

  2. Hi Chris
    Just cane across your site when I was looking for a review on the 21 day fix that wasn’t written by someone who was a “coach” for them. I really like the sounds of this book but I have two questions.
    I already have the new rules of lifting for women – how does this book compare?
    Do you have a link for anyone ordering outside of the US, say Canada, for instance?

    1. Hey Sarah!

      They’re both good books; you’d do well to have both on your bookshelf.

      I like “Strong is the new Skinny” since it spends a lot of time talking about mental preparedness and body image – something that a lot of women struggle with when they start out on their wellness journey. Lifting is one of those mental sports – looking at weights that seem impossible to lift and worrying about hurting yourself can really hold you back when lifting.

      Try this link for ordering from Amazon Canada – let me know how you make out!

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