So What is a Wellness Rebel, Anyway?


I’ve had this site up for a little while now, and I’m starting to receive some great feedback.

The most popular question I’ve been asked?

“So what is a Wellness Rebel, anyway?”

That’s actually a good question, and one that I haven’t really spelled out in great detail.

The concept of a Wellness Rebel is something that I’ve had rattling around in the back of my mind for about a decade now. I’ve tried a lot of exercise programs, I’ve been on a lot of diets (some sane and some not so sane), I’ve done a lot of research on the psychology of motivation, and I’ve always been left with a nagging feeling that I was just not fitting in with the common themes that we see in most approaches to fitness, weight loss, and wellness in general. I could power through a gruelling 20km bike trail through the back woods, but I couldn’t find the strength to not eat a third helping of spaghetti with meat sauce. My BMI has been at a low of 21 (130 lbs) and a high of 30 (180lbs) . I’ve suffered through Weight Watchers, Jillian Michaels workouts, countless gym memberships, and yet I still have the same problems I had 20 years ago.

Clearly, things that worked for other people were just not working for me.

What puzzled me was that I seemed to have the basic foundation for good health:

  • I love cooking fresh, tasty, healthy dishes, with local ingredients.
  • I love drinking water; it’s my favourite beverage of all.
  • I love exercising and getting outdoors in all seasons, and pushing myself to the point of exhaustion.

So why the hell wasn’t I getting anywhere?

Originally, I had started Body Moment as a means to keep myself accountable for what I ate. I posted pictures of the meals I’d eaten, and the approximate calorie count. But as time progressed, I found more and more that it served as a sounding board for the offbeat things that worked for me. Like flip-flopping between exercise programs and not sticking to a set schedule. Or eating really cool, different things for breakfast (chili on eggs is unbelievably tasty). Or betting fifty bucks and a beer that I’d lose more weight than my friend in ten weeks.

It slowly dawned on me that there are a lot of us who are frustrated with all of the programs and plans out there that don’t work for us. I’m sure there are some people that are still faithfully doing their Jane Fonda VHS workouts, or who have been going to Weight Watchers for over twenty years, but some of us need something different. Something personal and intuitive.

So I laid out the basic tenets of being a Wellness Rebel, and decided to follow them myself. In a nutshell, they are:

  • No one else but you knows what works and what doesn’t. Trust yourself.
  • Expect and embrace criticism when it comes to your wellness and lifestyle choices. Trust your inner strengths.
  • There’s a boatload of knowledge out there about health, fitness, wellness, and weight loss. Trust your research.
  • Progress is not linear; you will experience setbacks along the way. Trust your long-term goals.

I’m still working on figuring out just what’s best for me. So far I’ve discovered that I really, really love bodyweight exercises, especially any exercise that you can do anywhere, any time, and with no special equipment. I need variety, and I need to mix things up frequently. I need short-term goals, like running a 5K with 8 weeks of training. I need to focus on my body composition (fat vs. muscle) and forget about what the scale is telling me.

The tricky thing is that there’s no formal definition of a Wellness Rebel; each and every person will approach the Wellness Rebel lifestyle in a different manner. Maybe some people will ditch Weight Watchers and the gym membership. Maybe some people will try a vegan lifestyle, despite what their family thinks. Maybe someone will start a blog to keep themselves accountable. It’s anarchy, really. But I think it’s part of a growing movement of people who are looking for a grassroots approach to wellness and healthy living.

We humans are a pretty smart bunch. I have faith that we can find the answers — the answers that are right for us.


In what ways are YOU becoming a Wellness Rebel?

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