Day 1 – Breakfast

Day one—Monday—began on a busy note in our household, with everyone rushing around trying to get ready for school and work. So my toast, left unattended, turned out a little blacker than usual. But that’s okay, right? Given everything I’ve learned in my science classes, burning food converts the calories into energy. So—theoretically—the blacker your toast, the fewer calories. Or maybe not. (I’m going to believe what I want, thank you very much. Science be damned!)


1 slice toast. Dark. With (shudder) Becel. I really need to pick up some real butter at the grocery store.

Egg white omelette, with green onions, and a tablespoon each of salsa and greek yogurt.

1 coffee. Black. Because coffee is supposed to be consumed black.


Interestingly enough, once the omelette was covered with the salsa and yogurt, I really didn’t miss the yolks. But I did cry a little as I tossed the yolks in the compost. True story.

Here we go again…

In the immortal words of Bullwinkle the Moose: “This time for sure!”

I’d just finished the annual cottage trip with the friends, where we spend the weekend consuming too much food and getting too little sleep. So it was with trepidation that I stepped on the scale the following week to see what the damage was.


Somewhere between last year’s Jillian Michaels obsession and today, I had gained a pile of weight.  I was getting back to the point where my knees ache with any strenuous activity, and I was suspiciously out of breath after bounding up the stairs.

So I’m back on the horse. This horse and I have had many encounters over the years, not all of them positive. But I don’t think that I can afford to stay out of the saddle much longer.

This is my attempt to be accountable each and every day for my body. My current goal is to knock off those first 15 pounds, and get back into daily activity.

This time.  This time for sure.