One Weird Trick to Suck You In – Friday Share


Hey peeps!

The fantastic site Boing Boing brought this little article to my attention, and I thought I’d put it up here as a neat Friday share:

It’s from Slate, and it details the experiences of a journalist who actually clicked through some of those “One weird trick…” ads that you see all over the place.

I admit, I’ve been curious as well about what all these “weird” tips are, so I’m glad that someone took the initiative to go behind the ads and deconstruct the marketing psychology contained within.

I think one point the author missed was that these ads also so successful becuase they prey on our insecurities: money, sex, and weight. I’ve seen a few of these ads before, especially when it comes to “make money blogging” schemes. The real secret? You don’t make money from blogging. You make money from selling shit. Just like these “weird tip” ads do.


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