Low-Cost and No-Cost Gear


Wellness Rebels the world over know that there are really no excuses when it comes to sticking to their fitness routines.

That’s why I was so excited to see the picture and the caption below from my good friend Meghan, who is a wonderful embodiment of the phrase “No Excuses”:

Today I added a new exerciser to my routine. It is for those days I don’t want to leave the house… or even wear pants. I put my laptop on the table at the top of the stairs and then proceed to walk UP and then DOWN the stairs for a whole episode of something I really want to watch. At the moment I can only manage a sit-com, roughly 22 mins ’cause there are no commercials but I am hoping to work up to a full episode of The West Wing.

I’m a big fan of using stairs as part of my fitness routine, but this goes WAY beyond anything I’ve done before. It’s ingenious on two levels; one, it makes use of a great piece of “equipment” that most people have in their homes, and two, you’re earning that TV time with every step.

Gravity is one of the cheapest, and most effective, resistance trainers out there. With each step you take up the staircase or up the hill, you’re lifting almost your entire body weight with each step. It’s a great example of making thousands of little actions add up over the course of time.

By my rough calculations, that’s well over a thousand steps – 500 up and 500 down – so you’re burning around 250 calories for that ONE episode of watching TV. Pretty decent tradeoff, I must say.

How do you keep fit inside, when the wintr’y winds blow?

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