Friday Share – Why studies don’t necessarily apply to you


This comes to be via Scientific American in an article titled “Psychological studies are not about you“. Author Jamil Zaki presents a wonderful explanation of how the interpretation of scientific studies points to trends within a population…and not necessarily within single individuals.

All those top ten lists you’ve been reading that purport to list behaviours that will make you happier, better-looking, or better in bed? Yup – there’s no guarantee that these pointers will actually have a positive effect on you and your behaviour; instead, it’s just an indication that in an average population, these actions tend to produce these results.

Does that mean you shouldn’t try them? Of course not – self-experimentation and constant change is always a good thing, especially for Wellness Rebels like me and you. But always be the one to draw your own conclusions based on your own observations — studies show this strategy does work 100% of the time. 😀


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