Fruit Fast Frustration…

I am always shocked at the piles of pseudo-information that confront me every time I try to do a web search on something health-related.

This past Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, or Pancake Tuesday, depending on how you view the day. For me, it signals the start of the Lenten season, which gives me a great excuse for trying to do something healthy for the next 40 days. This year, I thought I’d try a dawn-to-dusk fruit fast. Continue reading “Fruit Fast Frustration…”

2012 – New Year, New Plans

I seem to have missed the bandwagon on getting out the typical New Year’s Day post stating “Yeah! This is the year that I’m gonna whip everyone’s asses into shape, ’cause things are going to be different this year.”

Yeah, I don’t put stock in those posts anymore.  I’ve seen, read, followed, and been let down by those posts so many times. It’s no surprise that the newest release of P90X2 hit the streets before Christmas, just in time for the annual New Year’s rush of fitness fanatics who feel somehow, just somehow that it’s all gonna work this time, and this is the year that they’re going to find success. Continue reading “2012 – New Year, New Plans”

Begin the Beguine…

Hey friends! It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a chance to catch up with you. How’s everyone doing?

I’ll be honest: since my weight loss challenge ended in November, I’ve found it a little difficult to stay on track. With the onset of the colder winter weather, and some very busy weeks at the office, I’ve found it a little more difficult to stay active. I’ll admit that my good habits have slipped a little and I’ve gained back about three and a half pounds. (Christmas cookies are an evil thing to have in the house.) While I’m still proud to have achieved what I set out to do with the challenge, I’m still a bit cranky for letting myself slide.
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Weight Loss Challenge – And The Winner Is…

Week 4 of the First Annual Body Moment Weight Loss Challenge is now officially over! Remember, folks, there’s fifty bucks and a beer riding on this challenge; the stakes were high and the trash talk was fierce. Let’s check in and see how our two contenders have fared!
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Conquering Negative Self-Talk

Hey. Chris here.

So I’m participating in the No Excuses 30-Day Burpee Challenge from the great blog Your Inner Skinny. I started on Day 1 with 15 burpees, and I’m up to performing 75 burpees in a row without stopping.

(Wondering what a burpee is? Check out the video below. I’m doing the advanced version that integrates the full pushup, without the jump at the end.)

So the other night, I started into my burpee routine as usual. Then, around the 15 or 16 mark into my set, I heard it.

“You’re not going to make it.”

It was the voice.

“You’re going to crap out before you hit the end.”

That stupid little voice that always pops up when you’re pushing yourself.

“Don’t worry, no one is going to know that you didn’t finish.”

I’ve been hearing that voice all my life. It’s that little inner voice of self-doubt that drives me nuts. The thing is—I know that I can do this. I’ve been steadily increasing my strength and endurance for more than three weeks now, and I haven’t yet failed at hitting my steadily rising burpee count target.

So where does this voice come from?
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Want to Get There Faster? Try Going Slower


Note: this is a guest post from my ultra-fit friend Jim. Like it? Check out his previous article here!


“You can’t get there from not here.”

That’s a quote from a man named Richard Moon that I read almost 10 years ago, and it has stuck with me to this day. So often in life we just go through the motions, and “call it in”, rather than really focus on what we are doing. Having a goal is great, but if you are not aware of where you are right now, it will be very hard to reach. Chris’s piece entitled To Thine Own Self be True explains just how important this concept is. The gym is certainly no exception. Every day you will see people blasting out their prescribed reps without really focusing on what—and more importantly how—they are doing them. This is a mistake that can seriously impede your progress.
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Week Three Weight Loss Challenge Results are In!

Hey all!

After a fierce week of doing battle, our two contenders have once again faced off to see how they’re doing in the First Annual Body Moment Weight Loss Challenge!

Troy had a run-in with a deep-fryer party this weekend, and was brought to his knees by a landslide of deep fried Mars bars, cheesecake, turkeys and countless other deep-fried sinfully delicious items. He’s backsliding, folks, but he manages to stay on the board at -2.9%! Hang in there, Troy!

Chris did battle with the epic pile of Hallowe’en candy that his kids brought home this week, along with a super crazy busy week on the homefront – eyewitnesses report that Chris was actually seen in a McDonald’s this week, indulging in a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Shame! However, he’s managed to shed more weight and has moved down to an amazing -9.2% total weight loss! Holy smokes!
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To Thine Own Self Be True

Hey, Chris here! I’m not sure where Troy has gone to – maybe that picture of my friend Jim scared him off.

It’s been over two weeks since we started the challenge, and things are going swimmingly for both of us. We’ve lost a bunch of weight so far, and although I might be biased, I think I’m looking pretty good with the weight sliding off and the muscles bulking up.

However, I have noticed a few things happening. Most importantly, I’ve fallen out of the habit of being religious about updating my food diary in the last few days. I used to carry it under my arm, and I’d record even the smallest bite of food that I put in my mouth. But lately, I’ll open the diary back up and realize that I haven’t recorded my food – or calculated my daily calorie intake – for over two days. As well, my water intake is suffering a little, as I also keep my water intake logged in the book, and seeing that I was under quota for today was enough to send me to the water cooler for another 12oz shot of the H2O.
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The Fat Burning Zone: Fact or Fiction? (or Your Math Is Correct to a Point….)

(Note – this is a guest post from my good friend Jim, who is one of the fittest people I know. But not only is he incredibly fit – he really knows his body science, and he knows what works and what doesn’t. He knows there are no shortcuts to fitness, and beyond that, he’s one hell of a good writer. Enjoy! – Chris.)

Most of us, when we begin our fitness journeys, encounter the concept of the “Fat Burning (or Aerobic) Zone”. It is that point during exercise that our heart reaches between 60 to 80 percent of its maximum rate. This is the zone, we have been told, that our bodies will burn the greatest percentage of fat. And, since we all want to burn a great percentage of fat, we jump on our treadmills and jog at a moderate pace for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, happily counting those fat cells away. The question is, are we really getting the best bang for our buck?
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Second Week Weight Challenge Results are In!

It was a crazy weekend, with parties, booze, and the pre-Hallowe’en candy floating around, but our two contenders have weighed in!

Troy reports in with a self-proclaimed “unbelievable -4.1%…despite all the party candy, booze and food.” We’ll see if that catches up to him later this week, won’t we?

Chris, on the other hand notes “…I hate to say it, but cutting down on the fruit a la 4HB does seem to make a difference.” He’s clocking in at an official -5.8%, and so maintains his rapidly shrinking lead against Troy!

Stay tuned kids – we have a guest post coming up from one of the fittest guys around. If you were to trust anyone to separate fitness fact from fiction, it would be this guy.