Beachbody New P90 Release is Here!

New P90 Review

It’s the day I’ve been waiting for all summer – the Beachbody New P90 is out! Again, I’m not a Beachbody coach – so you can rely on me for unbiased reviews.

The bad news is that you can only get the New P90 program through a Beachbody coach until the end of October. But the good news is that you should be able to order it online yourself after that without going through Beachbody!

***Edit Nov 17 – AT LONG LAST— the New P90 program from Tony Horton is now available on! You can get the P90 Base Kit from Amazon if you just want the basic kit that includes the ten original workouts, nutrition guide, resistance band, and 6-Day Shred. If you’re feeling like you need to kick it up a notch, you can shell out and get the Deluxe P90 Kit which includes extra resistance bands, a yoga mat, AND the Speed Workouts: Sculpt, Sweat, and Abs. I found out that you can get the Speed Workout series separately, so if you just wanted to get the Base Kit for now and wanted to upgrade to the Speed Workout series later, you can do that as well. Sweet! ***

Right now Beachbody is offering it as a Challenge Pack – this is code for “A bunch of crap you don’t need.”

Here’s what’s contained in the New P90 Challenge Pack:

P90 Base Kit Deluxe Kit
30-day Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes
Sweat A 25 min Yes Yes
Ab Ripper 8 min Yes Yes
Sculpt A 28 min Yes Yes
Sweat B 32 min Yes Yes
Ab Ripper B 14 min Yes Yes
Sculpt B 31 min Yes Yes
Sweat C 36 min Yes Yes
Ab Ripper C 15 min Yes Yes
Sculpt C 42 min Yes Yes
Saturday Special* 25 min Yes Yes
P90X3® Dynamix 30 min Yes Yes
Speed Sculpt 25 min No Yes
Speed Sweat 27 min No Yes
Speed Abs 6 min No Yes
Horton's Greatest Hits 37 min No Yes
Pro-Grade Pink (15lb) Resistance Band Yes Yes
1 pair of resistance band handles Yes Yes
Door attachment Yes Yes
Pro-Grade Magenta (20lb) & Red (30lb) Resistance Bands No Yes
Yoga Mat No Yes
Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide Yes Yes
4-Step Power Plan Yes Yes
How to Hit It Tutorial Yes Yes
6-Day Shred Yes Yes
90-Day Workout Calendar Yes Yes
24/7 Online Support Yes Yes

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I’m going to suggest that you wait until the Beachbody promotions are over – at that point Beachbody will list the base product on and you won’t have to get sucked in to the Shakeology plan as well as involuntarily signing up for the Team Beachbody trial membership – which the company will gleefully renew on your credit card to the tune of about $40 every three months. The workout is great – but man, oh, man, you don’t need the hassle of autorenewing memberships and Shakeology, which can be done a lot more cheaply on your own.

I’m going to try to get my hands on a copy of the Beachbody New P90 workout before it hits Amazon to let you know if it’s going to be worth it!

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10 thoughts on “Beachbody New P90 Release is Here!”

  1. Hi,

    Looking forward to your review! I did get an email about it (yes from a beach body coach) and I can purchase it w/o the shakes. I knew the coach for over a year before I knew she was a coach! She doesn’t pressure me into anything. She hasn’t mentioned P90. I’m thinking about getting the base set and I hope it’s something that will work for me. I’ve been walking and changing some of my eating habits I’ve lost 20 lbs and need to lose another 60.

    Thank you for the honest reviews!!

    1. Hey Robin!
      I just got a line on the base program as well – without all the extras. I’m hoping to get the program soon, zip through it, and let you know what I think!

        1. I started writing one, but didn’t think there was enough interest! Maybe I’ll polish it off and post it as promised!

  2. So I was able to purchase p90 just through the website without going through a coach. Not sure if they quickly changed their policy online (wouldn’t surprise me).

    Thanks for a great, unbiased review!

  3. Hi Chris,

    I was just about to hit send on the new P90 program and then thought I’d look for (non TBB) reviews. Found your site. As a former TBB coach I’m familiar with the company’s sales approach but continue to purchase through the site to help out one of my former coaches ho continues with the program. I put up with the games 🙂

    I’ve done several rounds of P90x over the last few years and know it works. But at 68 it’s getting a bit much for me. I skipped P90x2 entirely but did pick up P90x3 to take advantage of the shorter routines although I had more or less shortened P90x simply by memorizing the stuff and fast-forwarding through Tony’s entertaining but time-consuming chatter.

    I found P90x3 even though shorter to still be a little more extreme than I’d like and thought P90 might finally be the recipe I am looking for. Weight loss is not my objective. I focus entirely on maintaining lean body mass and on body fat level. I dropped the latter from 29 to 17 using P90x and now attempt to keep it under 20. Balance and flexibility are also important to me and for sixty-somethings it’s a bit of a challenge.

    The possible trade-off program for me is Chalene’s PiYo. Maybe even a combo. So I’m wondering if you’ve managed to get hold of a copy of P90 yet and what you might think of it in terms of being effective but not quite as demanding as it’s predecessors.

    Thanks in advance. You do good work here. In my opinion TBB’s fitness program products are quite good assuming one applies them but cutting through the marketing hype is a pain.


    1. Richard – thanks for the kind words. I haven’t yet snagged a copy of the new P90 but I’m truly hoping it harkens back to the original roots of the P90 program. But as soon as I do find a copy and make my way through P90 be assured that I’ll send my opinion out to everyone here. I am on the same page as you regarding lean body mass – I don’t tend to focus on weight loss but instead let my body fat level and the fit of my clothes determine my progress. Thanks for your insight as a former TBB coach – hopefully we’ll see you back again to advise others on their choices of TBB programs!

  4. Several years ago I started the P90X series, but was unable to finish for a mix of reasons (beginner fitness level, shoulder and knee injuries, and exercise induced asthma). Now I’m hoping the new P90 might be a great fix for all of those things, but I’m still wondering how effective it really is. I’m starting massage therapy school in just under two months and I’m trying to get in shape so I can handle the physical stress, to give you an idea of my priorities.
    Have you had a chance to try to series, yet?

    1. Hey Cam – what great timing! I just got my hands on the New P90 two days ago and it looks like it’s a PRIME choice for those with exercise limitations, or those getting into fitness for the first (or second or third or tenth) time. I hope to have a full review for you next week!

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