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  1. Hi Chris,
    I just found your website and want to say a big THANK YOU for your “realness”. As a woman attempting to build some muscle mass for the first time, I can use all the (accurate and well-explained) help I can get.

    I’ve read your article on Shakeology and appreciate your ability to provide education on the essential components of a supplement while leaving out the “snake oil”. My question for you lies within the same vein: have you ever checked out the products by Sexy-Freak? This company has a heavy social media presence and the price tag to match… Although as a newbie their supplements and protein powders directed specifically at women seem appealing. Any thoughts on these? What makes a protein supplement digestable with minimal undesired side effects?

    Thanks again for the great info.

    1. Hey Savannah!

      From what I know about Sexy-Freak products, they’re no different than any other line of products out there – just that they’re targeted towards women. For example the Sexy Sculpt protein product is whey, micellar casein, with some fat burning compounds, digestive enzymes and probiotics. I can name about six or seven other product lines that have the same ingredients in them; they just have a different label on the tub.

      What makes a protein supplement highly digestible is usually the lack of extra ingredients that cause issues. Probiotics are a popular choice these days to limit the amount of digestive upset from drinking protein shakes, but the protein product I use doesn’t cause me any gastrointestinal distress. If it did, I could easily add a probiotic into my diet, or rework the timing of my protein supplementation to a better time in the day.

      The fact it’s targeted toward women is really just a marketing thing. There isn’t a different “type” of protein that’s better for men or women; just as milk, chicken and eggs aren’t better for one sex over the other. Pro women lifters (who use a lot of protein supplementation) don’t bother with the hyped “for women only” product lines; they use the product lines from Cellucor, MusclePharm, and Optimum Nutrition to make their gains – just like the boys do.

      If you want to start with protein supplementation, I tell everyone the same thing: start cheap, and start clean. I recommend the Optimum Nutrition line and the Pro JYM line of products, because a number of my male and female friends use them both, and they really enjoy them. They don’t contain any unnecessary ingredients like fat burners, extra BCAAs, or creatine that beginners don’t need. If and when you get serious about muscle, you can research all those extra ingredients and then change up your supplementation as needed. But until then, keep it simple and keep it clean.

      Good luck!

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